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Diagnostic And Clinic Management System

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Diagnostic And Clinic Management System

This is Online / Offline Clinic Management System Software. Here the patients can register through online/offline and get their appointment. This software also stores all the patient details, patients lab reports, bill calculation, billing, monthly reports, daily reports. Here the patients all the reports will show. Even when the patient visits for the second time. The software will show the systemic alerts of that particular patient. Advantages patient's time will be reduced because of online appointment. There won't be any chance of losing the data. Even the bills will be calculated properly. This is the perfect software for hospitals to use. Here the person who is using this software should have login id and password. Once the user gets login he can view all the modules specifies according to his rights. A user can enter the patient details. Whatever treatment he has taken will also be saved in the database. When the same patients come next time. Using his mobile numbers doctors will get to know what the treatment has done for the patient previously, which will be very useful to them and time-saving. Even this software will help you to generate bills accordingly. Once the bills are generated it will be printed accordingly. This is done using the crystal report. This is one of the best features of .net. RKV IT Solutions develop the best Diagnostic And Clinic Management System Software.

Features and Modules of Online / Offline Clinic Management System Software

Appointment Modules:
  • Appointment Modules Manage Online / Offline Patients / Other Records.

Patients (OPD) Modules:
  • Patients Modules Manage All Patients Records.

Staff Modules:
  • Staff Modules Manage All Staff Records.

Doctor's Modules:
  • Doctor's Modules Manage All Doctor Records.

Inventory Modules:
  • Inventory Modules Mange All Inventory Records.

Technology Used:
  • NET & ASPX as front end.
  • Microsoft SQL as back end.
  • Facility to add collect fees from students accordingly.
  • Server Space Unlimited.

System Requirements:
  • Windows 7 or higher versions.
  • Ram : Minimum 2GB.
  • Hard Disk :100GB