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Counter Billing Management System Software Development Services in Patna Bihar

RKV IT Solutions' Counter Billing Software takes care of invoice generation, subscriber management and bill collection. Also, we provide with a single solution which seamlessly integrates back office operations and bill collection agents on the field.

  • High reliability
  • Easy navigation
  • Exchange scheme in billing
  • Finance Management
  • Facility to maintain manufacturer, supplier & your own product code

Counter Billing Management System Software Overview - Accounting Software

This extremely packed POS System is able of blending with all types of POS accessories. Users reduce the waiting time of their customers at billing counters. They also prevent shrinkage loss at the front end of the store by eliminating chances for malpractices & mistakes.

  • Provisions to capture additional information in invoice helps better tracking in cases of home delivery
  • Easy to use Product search interface helps in quick product search based on different parameters like product code, name, product & barcode Supports QR and custom designed bar code scan
  • Hold bill is a great feature to hold a particular bill & resume it after some time
  • Facility to maintain scanned copies of important documents in the software for parcel entry tracking Support
  • Supports exchange feature which allows setting of multiple exchange prices for the same product
  • Supports exchange dues bill payment feature which allows processing of unsettled bills

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