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Inventory Management System Software

Inventory Management System Software development company in Patna | RKV IT Solutions Billing and Invoicing Software

Inventory Management System Software

Billing & Invoicing software allows organizations to significantly reduce cost, administrative time and handling, improve customer service and reduce overall invoicing processing time. Do less paperwork and earn more money. With help of RKV IT Solutions Billing & Invoicing Software, you can:

Features and Modules of School Management System

Sales : Sales Orders and Customer Information.

Purchasing : Purchase Orders and Vendor Information.

Inventory : Product Information, Stock Quantities, Stock Adjustments, etc.

Reports : Reports offered by inflow to gather and share information.

Sales Module Overview
  • From the Sales Module, you can:
    • Keep track of customer information
    • Take sales orders from customers
    • Process customer orders
    • Send invoices to customers
    • Mark customer invoices as paid

Purchasing Module Overview
  • From the Purchasing Module, you can:
    • Keep track of vendor information and product catalogs
    • Issue purchase orders to vendors
    • Receive goods from a vendor
    • Issue payment to a vendor
    • Handle goods to be returned to a vendor

Inventory Module Overview
  • From the Inventory Module, you can work on the following :
    • Products : Set up your product information, including prices
    • Product Categories : Set up a categorization for your products
    • Transfer Stock : Move stock from one location to another within your company
    • Adjust Stock : Correct erroneous stock levels by making adjustments to stock quantities
    • Count Stock : Do a cycle count or physical count of your inventory to verify stock quantities and correct and track down discrepancies
    • Current Stock : Look at a detailed breakdown of what stock you have and where it is
    • History : View a full history of stock movements or search by date or product
    • Reorder Stock : Automatically create purchase orders for products that are low in stock
    • Work Order : Create one product from other products.

Reports Module Overview
  • From the Reports Module, you can:
    • View reports with information on various aspects of your business
    • Print reports
    • Save reports in PDF format to be saved
    • Save report data in Excel format
    • Customize reports to suit your needs
    • Sample reports that are available include: Sales by Product Summary
    • Customer Payment Report
    • Sales Order Operational Report
    • Purchase Order Status
    • Inventory Summary